Strong, consistent branding is the key component of any successful business or organization. Your brand speaks for you when you aren’t present to speak for yourself. As our name suggests, building brands is what we do! Appy Brands is the leading brand creator in the Cumberlands. We’re proud of our region’s heritage, just like you. And we’re convinced that “being Appalachian” doesn’t have to mean settling for second-rate.

We do Websites.

Building websites is at the core of what we do. You might think that in the age of social media the importance of websites is diminished, but websites are more important now than ever before. For every benefit that popular social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) offer, they’re also limited because they’re constraining. They limit you to someone else’s expectations and ideas. With your own website, you’re free to market and operate your business or organization without constraints, with your only limitation being the boundaries of your imagination. A strong social media presence should compliment — not replace — a website.

Unfortunately, publishing a new website or managing an existing one isn’t as simple as pushing a few buttons on a mouse or mobile device. It requires a certain amount of technical ingenuity. That’s where we come in. At Appy Brands, we’ve been building websites for more than 20 years. We focus on constructing secure, intuitive websites with a cutting-edge design and graphical build that sets them apart in a crowded field. Look over a few examples of our work, and if you’re ready to get started, email us today!

We do Design.

Effective marketing materials are more than just words on paper. The most effective rack cards, brochures and other marketing materials use the right mix of fonts and graphics to create an aesthetically-pleasing design that leaves a lasting impression. Don’t second-guess how your project is going to turn out. Put Appy Brands to work for you and rest assured that your marketing materials will convey the message that you hope to present. Email

We do Logo Design.

Your brand starts with your logo. After all, you can’t build a consistent message without consistent branding, and consistent branding isn’t possible if your business or organization doesn’t have a logo that defines it. Your logo is the very heart of your branding, and it should represent your company’s personality and its vision. There are many components to good logo design. The best logos are visually appealing, of course, but aesthetics are just the start. A successful logo straddles a fine line between being visually appealing and simultaneously being simple enough that a customer remembers it after a single glance. It must be readable and scalable, with a thoughtful approach to the use of colors and typography. We can help! If you need a logo, email

We do Preprint.

Think print has fallen out of favor? Think again! While print may not be as important as it once was, thanks to the prevalence of mobile devices that are always at our fingertips, print media is still a very effective way of getting your message across. Check out the Scott County Chamber of Commerce’s annual tourism magazine, which is distributed to visitors across the state and the region, at events and at visitor centers. We partner with the Chamber of Commerce to build the magazine from the ground up. The staff at the Chamber sell advertisements that pay for the production and distribution of the magazine, and we handle the rest of the prepress work! View a digital version. If we can help with your next print project, email us at

We do Posters.

Need a flashy, eye-catching and professional poster? We have you covered! Posters are especially popular among athletes, but they aren’t limited to just sports. Whether you need a poster for a high-quality print or a poster to use on social media, Appy Brands can help. You supply the photos and we take care of the rest! Fast turn-around! Email